Oh, hey, has anyone noticed how white #SXSW is?



You can always count on the hypocritical media outlets to report how overwhelmingly white gatherings of conservative are, while ignoring the overwhelming white complexion of every major liberal media institution and deified Democratic political machine.

See, for example, here, herehere, here, and here. For starters.

As we’ve been reporting, the hipster South by Southwest conference has been taking place all week in Austin, Texas. But we’ve yet to find any major national media publication or news station headlining the lack of racial diversity at SXSW. Nope, no massive, front-page photos or editorials decrying the racial imbalance of the attendees the way Tea Party gatherings were attacked relentlessly.

Fortunately, many Twitter users have resisted the urge to whitewash the truth about the failure of progressives of pallor to practice what they preach.

If you’re curious about the demographics of #SXSWi it’s just like a bunch of white dudes. #meh

— Kimya Kavehkar (@kimyanattalie) March 9, 2013

With the lack of diversity in tech, whose wise idea was it to put all @sxsw “black” programming at the Hilton Garden hotel? #SXSW …contd

— jaybobo (@jaybobo) March 10, 2013

So many white dudes. Soooo many white dudes. #sxswi

— m (@_mattie) March 8, 2013

I go to SXSW every year for the same reason… To mingle with white people.

— JelisaFloyd (@jbully21) March 10, 2013

More white people are in line to see grumpy cat at sxsw than there are Spanish folks trying to see Chavez’ body.

— Shabooty ➿ (@SHABOOTY) March 9, 2013

I met alot of famous white people last night at #SXSW and they really enjoyed my convo but I forgot their name lol

— Terince Stephens (@borocitykid320) March 10, 2013

SXSW: White people finding creative new ways to entertain you/make money.

— Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithWriter) March 8, 2013

SXSW is in discussions to finally change it’s name to “a bunch of stressed out white people running around”

— Luke Winkie (@luke_winkie) March 7, 2013

LMAO!!!! RT @bweyandt: OMG I have never seen so many #cool #white #people in one place #blessed #SXSW

— Janelle Jolley (@jolleyjanelle) March 10, 2013

Seriously never been on a flight entirely full of young scruffy white people before. I mean ENTIRELY. #sxsw

— Amy S. Choi (@awesomechoi) March 8, 2013

File this one away for reference when the media report on the Conservative Political Action Conference next weekend.



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