5 Bald Puppies Found Abandoned In New Jersey


A resident of Vineland, New Jersey, was driving along one day when all of a sudden they spotted the saddest sight — five bald, very sick-looking puppies, all huddled up together on the side of the road. It was immediately apparent that these poor babies had been abandoned, and the Good Samaritan driving by knew they couldn’t just leave them there. 

The person quickly contacted South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, which sent an animal control officer to pick the puppies up. They were in such bad shape that the officer decided to bring them straight to the vet before taking them to the shelter, as it was clear that they needed medical attention right away. Each of the five puppies was suffering from mange, eye infections, swollen feet and open sores all over their bodies. They were also incredibly emaciated, and it was painfully clear that they’d suffered terrible neglect wherever they’d come from.

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