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The Duke of Cambridge attended Auckland’s Civic Centre to pay his respects to Anzac veterans yesterday.

He is in New Zealand for two days on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II.

Today the Duke will meet survivors of the Christchurch terrorist attack last month.

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1.38am update: Prince William has now left the mosque

The Duke has left the Al Noor mosque after speaking to attack survivors. 

12.55am update: William speaks to familes inside the mosque – ‘this never should have happened’

Kensington Palace tweeted a video of William speaking to families inside the mosque accompanied by Imam Gamal Fouda.

Talking to a woman holding a young girl, the duke said: “I’m so sorry this has happened to you. It should never have.”

12.40am update: The Duke reflect on his own grief following the death of his mother, Princess Diana

The duke also hinted at his own grief after the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

He said: “I’ve had reason myself to reflect on grief, sudden pain and loss in my own life.

“What I’ve realised is that of course grief can change your outlook, you don’t forget the shock and sadness or pain, but I do not believe grief changes who you are.

“If you let it, it will reveal who you are. It will reveal depths you did not know you had.”

12.28am update: Prince William said he “couldn’t believe the new” when he woke up on March 15

Explaining how he “couldn’t believe the news” when he woke up on the morning of March 15, the duke described it as “an unspeakable act of hate”.

The Duke said Christchurch has endured “so much more than its fair share of hardship”.

He added: “I have known of New Zealanders from the earliest moments of my life, that you are people who look out to the world with optimism. You have a warm-hearted interest about cultures, religions and people thousands of miles from your shores.

“In a moment of acute pain, you stood up and you stood together. In reaction to tragedy you achieved something remarkable.”

12.20am update: The Duke spoke to the commnunity – ‘tragedy unfolded in this room’

In a speech to the gathered community, the duke spoke movingly about the example New Zealand had showed the world in the wake of the tragedy.

He said: “On the March 15, tragedy unfolded in this room. A terrorist attempted to sow division and hatred in a place that stands for togetherness and selflessness.

“He thought he could redefine what this place was.

“I’m here to help you show the world that he failed.”

12.14am update: Survivor welcomes the duke with moving speech – ‘My heart is aching’

Farid Ahmad, who was injured during the attack on the Al Noor mosque and whose wife Husna Ahmad was killed, welcomed the duke with a moving speech.

He said: “Right now my heart is aching. I’m feeling the pain. I lost my wife, I lost many people here.

“I would like to say to the victims, you are not alone. We share your pain and we are together.”

23.53pm update: The Duke has arrived at the Masjid Al Noor mosque

The Duke has arrived at the Masjid Al Noor mosque where 42 died in a terrorist attack. 

William, who removed his shoes before entering the mosque, was greeted by Imam Gamel Fouda as well as prime minister Jacinda Ardern and mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel.

About 160 members of the local Muslim community have gathered at the mosque for the duke’s visit.

23.45pm update: The Duke of Cambridge has arrived at Christchurch Hospital

Prince William has begun his second day of his visit to New Zealand.

William is due to meet staff and survivors of the mosque attacks at the hospital, where dozens of the injured were treated.

Hospital chiefs have previously told how surgeons and staff worked through the night to save lives in the aftermath of the shootings.

William is meeting Dr John Wood, chairman of the Canterbury Health Board, and Greg Robertson, director of surgery, as well as general manager Pauline Clark and nursing director Lynne Johnson.

Later in the day, he is due to meet members of the public during a walkabout in the city centre.

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