Kyrie Irving will SNUB Knicks to stay with Boston Celtics for two reasons – NBA insider | Other | Sport


The Celtics face an uncertain future beyond the NBA Playoffs with Irving’s impending free agency.

They’re also constantly linked with a move for Anthony Davis, with a host of current players being mentioned in trade talks.

But their immediate concerns will be whether they can convince Irving to re-sign on July 1.

After his declaration at the start of the season that he wanted to stay in Boston, there have been hints of frustration throughout the campaign leading to rumours he may have changed his mind.

However, Sports Illustrated’s Mannix lists two reasons why the Celtics should feel confident about Irving choosing to stay.

“I lean towards staying for a couple of reasons,” he said on The Herd.

“One thing a couple of people are starting to realise over the last couple of months is just how much the injuries of last season resonate with Kyrie Irving.

“He’s talked extensively in the last couple of weeks about how this time last year he was sitting at home, taking antibiotics, dealing with stuff he never had to deal with before.

“And when you’re going through something like that, money starts to resonate with you.

“A long-term contract starts to resonate with you…

“That’s number one – the contract and the full five years that only Boston can give him.

“I also think, the Celtics since day one have not treated Kyrie Irving like a regular player.

“They have treated this like he’s the franchise player and this is a partnership.

“They haven’t exactly said to him, ‘you know, stick around, here comes Anthony Davis’.

“But you better be sure that he’s aware that if he sticks around, Boston’s going to go out and do everything they have to do to get Anthony Davis.

“So when Kyrie Irving hits free agency this summer, he’s going to have the option to go back to Boston on a five-year deal – which is valuable to him – and potentially have one of his best friends in the league in Anthony Davis playing alongside him on a team that won’t have to gut itself to go and get Anthony Davis.”

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