Heartbroken Dog Bids A Touching Farewell To His Best Friend Who Died


The sweet pup, named Chief, was adopted as a rescue by Schiller five years ago. And up until his passing, the pair had been inseparable. Schiller’s girlfriend, Anne Marie Sibthorp, saw the depth of their love firsthand.

“They bonded; they belonged together,” Sibthorp told WCNC.

Naturally, when it came time for Schiller’s funeral, it only made sense that Chief be invited as well — though no one could have guessed how tenderly the dog would express his last goodbye to his old best friend, as Sibthorp led him to Schiller’s casket.

“He stretched his neck in as far as he could, and he gave Bill just one little quick lick on his ear, and of course, Bill didn’t move,” Sibthorp said. “And Chief laid his head right down by his head, and just laid there for the longest time.”

Here’s a photo of that touching moment, captured by Sibthorp’s granddaughter, Nina

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