Cat Flips Out When Owner Surprises Him With Room Full Of Toilet Paper


Pusic was rescued as a sick stray kitten from the streets of Belarus four years ago. Not long after, his new family discovered that, like many young cats, Pusic had an uncanny fascination with toilet paper — unrolling it like a kitty treadmill and relishing in the fluffy pile that resulted.

“When he was small, he liked to play with it,” Vyacheslav, the cat’s dad, told The Dodo. Soon, however, the cat was encouraged toward less messy sources of fun. “Now he plays with toys,” Vyacheslav added.

That said, it’s been a while now since Pusic has had unfettered access to his papery first love. So, as a sweet surprise, Vyacheslav decided to stage an epic reunion of sorts — filling an entire room with TP, all for Pusic’s amusement.

How’d the cat react? Well, he pretty much flipped out. Here’s that moment on video:

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