She Found Her Patio Furniture Moved For The Most Hilarious Reason


Let’s be honest for a minute — we’ve all gone to some pretty incredible extremes to cover up our bad behaviors.

Perhaps you once purchased a replacement vase to hide the fact that you broke the original playing ball in the house, or maybe you got yourself into a fender bender and blamed the damage on a mischievous midnight vandal. In these situations, our secrets often come out than we would like. And that’s why we could all learn a thing or two from this pooch.

Sampson knew darn well that he shouldn’t have been digging a hole in his owner’s backyard, but he let his rebellious side get the best of him and did it anyway. Unlike most dogs, though, he covered up his wrongdoing (quite literally, in fact) by moving around some patio furniture.

Unfortunately for Sampson, his owner was all too aware of his tricks and gave him a much-deserved scolding.

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Aw, he tried it. If you think Sampson is one smart dog, be sure to share this hilarious video with all your animal-loving friends.

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