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We’re 22 movies in with and there’s a ton of superheroes across the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but just who is your favourite? Now over 2000 Brits have been polled and it comes as little surprise that Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man came out on top at No 1. He was closely followed by Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, who actually won the overall woman’s vote with 28%. However, Captain America was topped by Spider-Man who was particularly popular among Zillennials – i.e. those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s.

The most popular female superheroes were Captain Marvel and Black Widow, who came joint seventh.

The only original Avenger not to make the Top 10 was Hawkeye, who had just 4% of the vote.

Meanwhile, Cultural Trip’s research also discovered that 1 in 5 fans would leave their partner for Thor, followed by Captain America and Iron Man.

Also, 16% of fans called on Captain America to replace Theresa May as the head of the UK government. The full Top 10 of UK favourites is as follows:

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