The Creatures Lurking Around This Art Festival Are Massively Cool


All around the world, art festivals take place to celebrate different seasons and the creations of talented artists.

In Japan, people celebrate the rice harvesting season, which takes place in September and October. One of the festivals that honors this harvest is the Wara Art Festival, which has happened for the past decade in Niigata City. The art on display is awesome, especially some surprising (and giant!) straw creatures that look like they’d be right at home in any Fall display.

Rice straw was used in Japan for many different items, but in recent years it has been replaced with wood or plastic. That’s why students decided to use rice straw to create something awesome.

These enormous sculptures have wooden and metal frames and require a tremendous amount of work to set up.

Then the rice straw is braided and set into mats to create different textures for each animal.

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The final results are nothing short of astounding, and people come from all over to view the sculptures.

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They’re perfect for posing with. Check them out!

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