Cat Breaks Into Woman’s Home Every Night For Weeks


The first night Johanna King realized there was an intruder breaking into her house in Long Island, New York, no one actually saw him. Her husband heard a commotion in the kitchen around midnight on March 30, and went to check it out, but by the time he got down there, the intruder was already retreating through the dog door. King’s husband thought it may have been a fox, as strange as that seemed, and headed back up to bed. 

King didn’t believe her husband’s story at first — but then she remembered that she’d been going through a lot more cat food than usual lately, which was weird because her only cat didn’t eat all that much to begin with. Wondering if there may actually be some merit to her husband’s intruder story, King decided to set up a camera in the kitchen so they could keep track of what was going on downstairs while they slept, just in case. 

And that’s how the couple discovered there was a cat breaking into their home every night. 

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