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Gosses Bluff, known as Tnorala to the Western Arrente people, is said to be the eroded remnants of an impact crater. However, Warren Williams, a local Arrente expert, believes it is much more than that. He claims there is proof to show an ancient aboriginal story known as “The Dreaming” really took place here. 

He revealed during Morgan Freeman’s “Story of God” how this event is said to have gone down.

He said in 2017: “The Dreaming is a period of creation when everything was beginning and ladies were dancing at a ceremony. 

“One of them had a little baby in her arms, so she put the baby in a turner – like a wooden cradle – but all the dancing started vibrating and shaking it. 

“And the turner fell down, and it fell to Earth and created the crater that we see now.”

Duane Hamacher, a cultural astronomer, admitted the story sounded bizarrely logical when studying the formation of the stars.

He said: “That’s fascinating because according to scientists it was an asteroid or a comet that hit the ground and when it did there was a massive explosion.

“You can see the Milky Way quite clearly, and it actually looks like that turner from the front, falling out of the Milky Way.

“In Western astronomy, we call that Carona Australis. 

“That constellation means the Southern Crown. 

“But you’re right, it looks exactly like a turner falling out the Milky Way.”

Walking the film crew over the huge crater, Mr WIlliams detailed why the crater was so important to his culture.

He added: “This is where it began.

“The rocks fell down here to the ground and formed this.

“Then the first man was created, followed by the first woman and I’m here because of them.

“It started here, just fell from the sky at night and made all this.”

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