Avengers 4 Endgame: HUGE Space Stone spoiler hidden in latest trailer? | Films | Entertainment


The Marvel blockbuster hits cinemas later this month, bringing the current ‘phase’ of MCU storytelling to a close. Plot details have, as expected, been kept to the bare minimum ahead of the release date. But is there an intriguing detail in the trailers that many fans missed?

As spotted by the website BGR, there’s a potentially very important detail to be gleaned from the appearance of Thanos in the newest promo clip.

The Mad Titan is seen arriving somewhere – potentially Earth, potentially Xandar, maybe even elsewhere – wearing his new armour.

But what’s interesting is that he doesn’t appear to be arriving using the power of the Space Stone.

So what can we deduce from that?

Does Thanos not have the Gauntlet and this specific stone in his possession at this point?

Is it a nod to time travel, wherein this encounter happens in the past – before he even collects the stone?

Or is there a completely different explanation altogether?

Whatever the case, it’ll be fascinating to look back on all the Endgame trailers and teasers at the end of the month, once the finished product is in cinemas.

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