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The anonymous man who hid his identity behind a blurred face, claims to have been on a time travelling mission into the distant past. Speaking to paranormal investigators on YouTube, the supposed time traveller says he saw living, breathing dinosaurs up close and with his own eyes. In a confession tape for the channel ApexTV, the backs up his claim by revealing a photo he allegedly took during the Cretaceous-Palaeocene era. The photo, he boasts, is “proof” of a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex 66 million years ago.

The time traveller says in the video: “I’m not exactly sure what the exact location was that I took the picture, however, I can say that it was in North America, what would be the modern Southwestern United States.

“And right now I am actually going to show you the picture that I took 66 million years ago in the past of a T-Rex – a living and breathing T-Rex that I captured on camera.

“And I would like to show you this picture right now.

“You will be actually shocked and my goal is to convince you that time travel is real and I have more evidence, in fact, that I could show in the future as well.”


The man then pulls out the supposed photo of the extinct predator, saying it is of a purple dinosaur.

The bizarre photo, which looks like a CGI composite, appears to show a blurry T-Rex walking across a desert with some clouds or mountains in the background.

The time traveller said: “And you can see it shows an actual living T-Rex that was captured on camera and I took this within the time machine that I was in.

“And I encourage any photo experts who are out there to look at this picture in depth and you will see that is is not in any way manipulated.


“This, in fact, is a real picture from 60 million years ago and this is what T-Rexes actually looked like.

“As you can see the T-Rex does have feathers and like I said, it is a purple colour.

“Thais because the modern understanding of T-Rexes is incorrect and it took people actually time travelling into the past to actually see what dinners looked like.”

However, not everyone who saw the unusual ApexTV video was convinced by the time travellers claims or photo.


YouTuber MackTheFifth said: “These videos are getting faker and faker. Saying time travel is real i like saying magic is real.

“And not a single video I watched about time travelling has explained the technology behind time travelling and how it works.”

Brian Shearburn said: “I can’t believe you or anybody actually believes this nonsense. You honestly can’t tell that picture is fake?

“Like for real you actually believe that’s an actual picture of a T-Rex?”

And Jahleye Davidson said: “Seriously, CGI from years ago is better than this photo.”

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