This Guy Took Out Some Packing Tape And Turned It Into Unbelievable Art


In 2009, Max Zorn had a radical idea for a new kind of street art. The project was called “Stick Together,” and for it to work, he would need the public’s help.

Using just packing tape and a scalpel, Zorn began to create sticker art to be displayed on streetlamps around the world. Through his website, he distributed them to friends and strangers alike. Soon, pictures of his art began flooding in.

The guerrilla street art initiative began to pop up on streetlights around the world. This Ernest Hemingway sticker was photographed in Key West, Florida.

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And this Marilyn Monroe was seen in Berlin, Germany. Incredibly, Zorn made each and every one by hand using nothing more than regular packing tape and a scalpel.

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