TGI Fridays sued by Bronx woman for ‘fake’ potato skins



A snacking stickler is suing TGI Fridays, claiming the restaurant chain’s potato skin snacks, bags of which are sold in stores and vending machines across the country, aren’t actually potato skins at all — just a mishmash of “potato flakes” or “potato starch.”

Solange Troncoso, of the Bronx, says she brought the Manhattan federal court suit after becoming enraged when she purchased a bag of TGI Fridays Sour Cream and Onion Potato Skins from a Bronx bodega for $1.99, only to find the product didn’t contain real potato skins.

She alleges that the company is trying to cash in on the fact that most snackers see potato skins, which TGI Fraidays offers as an appetizer in its eateries, as a nutritious option compared with standard convenience-store fare.

Under federal law, the suit states, a food is deemed misbranded if it is an imitation of another food but does not contain a label stating that it isn’t real.

“What you’re eating is a very processed product,” said C.K. Lee, an attorney representing Troncoso who has attracted headlines — or ire, in the case of some businesses — for lawsuits over disabled access to websites and misleading food packaging.

TGI Fridays did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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