Elephant Retired From Working Snuggles Up To First Friend At Sanctuary


This time, there was chemistry. 

“Mae Kam approached slowly … We didn’t hear any sounds from Mae Kam to begin with, it appeared she was a bit nervous and seemed to want to get past, but as Mae Dok wouldn’t move, she retreated,” BEES wrote. “She then stopped and turned back again as if to realize, ‘Hang on, I need to go that way for my afternoon treats.'”

Mae Kam seemed unsure of what to do with this big new elephant standing right in front of her. The new lady, Mae Dok, decided that the best thing to do was to just start talking. “Mae Dok, still vocalizing and sniffing towards her, decided to take the next move,” BEES wrote. “She took a large step forward and reached out to Mae Kam. Then the most incredible, magical, unexpected display took place.”

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