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Described by the Venezuelan government as an act of “sabotage”, cities such as Caracas were struck by the power outage. BNO News reports the outage started in the late afternoon and had affected all parts of the country. The blackout is the latest fiasco to strike the nation, which has been badly affected by an ongoing row between Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition leader Juan Guaido.

AFP news agency say that many businesses have been forced to shut down.

Subways have closed forcing commuters to walk.

The organisation adds that the government have called it “sabotage”.

The country is still in darkness and officials are unable to confirm exactly when residents should expect power to be restored.

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Maduro claims the US were behind the incident.

He said: “The electric war announced and directed by US imperialism against our people will be defeated.”

Power is generated at the country’s Guri Dam base in the Bolívar State.

The supply is controlled by firm Corpoelec, which said on it Twitter it was working to restore it.

On Thursday, Mr Guaido urged the European Union to harden its financial sanctions against Maduro’s government after a German ambassador was expelled.

The country has been embroiled in chaotic scenes in recent months.

Maduro has refused to accept aid from fellow nations, leaving many in Venezuela struggling to survive.

Mr Guaido has welcomed the support and is considered by many countries as the true leader of Venezuela.

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