ASDA UK: Custard Cream cake available in the supermarket now – where can you buy one?


ASDA are selling a Custard Cream Celebration Cake which tastes just like the popular British biscuit. Even better, it is now half price in the UK supermarket.

The fun cakes looks just like a giant version of the teatime treat.

Biscuit lovers across the UK have been able to buy the treat for a few weeks, and now ASDA have slashed the price of it, making it an even more appealing buy.

The sponge cake has vanilla buttercream and soft icing on the top.

There is also a Bourbon version of the cake available with a chocolatey flavour.

The dessert usually costs £16 but it has now been knocked down to £8.

Perhaps, though, it is not one for dieters. Each slice has 227 calories, 9.2g of fat and 32g of sugar.

Twitter users have expressed interest in the cake.

One said: “Next time i’m in Asda I’ll need to buy a custard cream cake… now I just need to find an excuse to go to Asda…… milk ? bread ? toilet paper ?”

Another said: “That custard cream cake looks awesome as well.”

One revealed they were looking forward to the chocolate version, writing: “A custard cream cake? *Wibbly hands gif of I’m kind of ambivalent about this*

“Somebody make a bourbon cake, please. Then my gifs will be very different. *Fireworks. Babies with new spectacles. Joyous lambs. All of the puppies. Many dancing. Not mine. Don’t want to spoil the joy*”

“My friend Karen and I know it’s worth a taste,” one confirmed.

Would you try a cake that looks and tastes like a biscuit?

In another food sale, Tesco have an Easter eggs sale with 50 per cent of Cadbury eggs. 

Cadbury Creme Egg, Smarties Egg and the KitKat Chunky Egg are all 75p.

In other confectionary news, a new green Kitkat is to be sold on the UK. 

The brand infuses match powder with white chocolate to create the treat.

A shocking bright green, the bar might confuse a lot of Britons with its interesting hue.

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