Guy Holds Sign For Lost Dog On Street Until He Finds Her Owner


Jason Gasparik was driving home from a friend’s house Friday night when he saw something on the side of a busy street that made him pull over.

“I noticed a vehicle stopped on the road and someone was running around in the grass median,” Gasparik told The Dodo. “I then noticed the dog (Roxy) running in circles in the road, confused and scared.”

Gasparik joined in on the chase, but the 70-pound chocolate Lab refused to let her guard down. Soon, a police officer and another concerned driver were lending a hand trying to get the dog to safety. But not even the promise of a treat could tempt the lost pup.

After an hour, Gasparik had a realization: “I noticed she would run after me if I lightly jogged. She was playful but very apprehensive,” he said. “I decided to run around the parking lot nearby and after some laps around, she finally got tired, lay down and I was able to grab her neck scruff.”

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