Jamie Kennedy Boots Hecklers, Lectures Crowd, Then Walks Out


Jamie Kennedy

Stand-up Hecklers Set Him Off …

Bails on Crowd After Declaring War

2/28/2019 8:00 AM PST


8:00 AM PT — Jamie shared some video clips from the comedy club that show what went down with the women hecklers that led to them being kicked out … and before he lectured the remaining audience. He captioned the series of vids, “Judge for yourself.”

He added about one of the hecklers, “She attacked me, I attacked back. I will do that all day. Fair is fair.”

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Judge for yourself. @irvineimprov @chrismillhouse #heckler2019 #tooenabled #badbehavior #spankyspank leave comments below After performing for 12 minutes and listening to the table to the left talk for 11 minutes, 59 seconds… I thought, should I address them or keep going? I only had 8 more minutes to go. I decided to address it. 2nd clip starts with me doing a call-back to a joke earlier about how women wear “juicy pink” on their butt, but say, “they are not meat.” And the heckling woman said at the end of the first clip, “me and my titties will take it.” Clearly, there is a disconnect with the feminist movement. Then, again, the lady asked me if I wanted to fight. Again, I’m just responding to what THEY are doing. So I decided the best thing to do would just be to end the show early, so I walked off because I shouldn’t have to sit and argue with a table for three minutes. So then Chris begs me to go back out and he was kind enough to put me on his show and he is my friend and an amazing comedian and a fellow co-worker who opens for me. So I decided to honor him and go back out. So then I go back and have to deal with, I don’t know, my third or fourth insult. Having the woman career-shame me. But at least she said “Malibu” was funny. She said “Malibu’s Most Wanted” was the only funny thing I ever did. My comeback was not good. I should’ve said, “your tit job was the only funny thing you ever did.” So now to honor Chris and the club, I’ve got to start the show. And before I can, another bird starts chirping. So now, I have to address THEM. I went from comedian to substitute teacher in a public school to the night guard at Orange County Correctional Facility. Three out of the four comedians warned me about that table, saying “they are hell.” In this clip, I think you are seeing a woman who is not used to having someone tell them they don’t agree with them. She attacked me, I attacked back. I will do that all day. Fair is fair. Now I have some other lady shouting at me, “go back to your act.” Just directing me. Again, if I were at Chili’s (and I told the waitress just get my plate, just get my plate), how would that go over?

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Jamie Kennedy seems to be at wit’s end with audiences at his stand-up shows … because a couple of hecklers made him lose his cool and walk offstage at his most recent gig.

The comedian was performing at Irvine Improv in Southern California on Tuesday night when — just a few minutes into his set — he grew frustrated with a pair of women texting and talking in the front row … and told them to leave.

That’s where the video — obtained by TMZ — picks up … and it’s pretty awkward. Kennedy gets into it with a couple of other audience members who want him to get back to the jokes, but he says, “This is war” … and goes on a rant about the creative process.

Ironically, Jamie mentions his career can be wrecked if he goes viral for a bad show … so he decides it’s not worth it to try to win the crowd back and bails.

Kennedy vented on his Instagram story after the Improv fiasco, blaming hecklers for the plight of comedians like him … who stuff their faces with pie to heal the hurt feelings.

He also claims something is awry in the comedy world right now — there’s just no damn respect.

Jamie’s battle with hecklers goes back a little further too … to Monday night at The Comedy Palace in San Diego. The comedian shared a video from his act in which he addressed another woman who was texting a lot … especially when he did “an offensive joke.”

The crowd seemed to have his back that time though.

Pick your battles, bro.

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