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Tutankhamun, often referred to as “King Tut”, was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, who ruled during the New Kingdom. Since the discovery of his intact tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon 95 years ago to this day, many archaeologists have dedicated their lives to finding out more about how this powerful ruler died before the age of 20. However, few have managed to survive long enough to make real progress, with 22 of the original archaeologists mysteriously passing away. 

Amazon Prime’s “Tomb of the Boy King” claimed an effect known as “the curse of the pharaohs” could be to blame.

This alleged spell, which apparently does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, is said to cause bad luck, illness or even death. 

The 2018 documentary revealed: “When Carter poked a hole into the tomb, Lord Carnarvon asked if he could see anything and Carter famously replied ‘yes wonderful things’.

“It is alleged he found a curse written in hieroglyphics upon a clay tablet reading: ‘Death will slay with his wings whoever disturbs the pharaoh’s peace.’

“Five months after entering the tomb, Lord Carnarvon, aged 56, was dead. 

“And at the time of his death, all of the lights went out in Cairo.”

However, the strange activity did not stop there.

The documentary continued: “American millionaire George Jay Gould died soon after visiting the tomb. 

“British industrialist Joel Wolfe, who was one of the first visitors to the tomb, also fell into a coma and died.

“By 1929, a total of 22 people who had been involved in the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb had died prematurely within seven years. 

“Only two of the original excavators were still alive.”

Howard Carter refused to believe any sort of curse and died of natural causes in 1949.

Despite the wild claims of a curse, the documentary does come up with a more realistic explanation. 

The series explains: “There is evidence the Egyptians had advanced knowledge of poisons and it is suggested that these were triggered during the opening.

“In 1949, atomic scientist professor Louis Bulgerini put forward a theory that the floor of the tomb may have been covered with uranium.

“But the most widely accepted theory is that bacteria flourished in the enclosed atmosphere, but this does not account for all of the deaths.”

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