Former NSA director explains to Jake Tapper: airstrikes like ‘casual sex’


On CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” former NSA director Gen. Michael Hayden expanded on his comment to U.S. News and World Report that “The reliance on air power has all of the attraction of casual sex: It seems to offer gratification but with very little commitment.”

Airstrikes lack commitment, Hayden explained, while America’s allies and enemies demand more.

While President Obama’s primetime address to the nation Wednesday night was intended for the American public, “there are other audiences – our allies and our enemies. They view that as limiting our commitment to this enterprise … (and) limited enthusiasm on the part of our allies to take up the role we said we would refuse to do,” said Hayden.

So, is “casual sex” a valid metaphor for airstrikes? Yes or no?

@jaketapper Permission to speak freely, Sir!

— Brad Ketcher (@BradKetcher) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper @mathieuvonrohr Quite an analogy. Pithy, straightforward and true. I believe he put the 'plan' into perspective.

— Linda Brown (@Charlamaigne) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper That quote should go down in history beside The day that will live in infamy.


@jaketapper or possibly risky with the potential of spreading a disease?

— EzraFadang (@EzraFadang) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper Makes you wonder what kind of sex he has…

— The Woman (@misscherryjones) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper Perhaps, but it's still difficult to get around that "Walk of Shame."

— Pierce Aero (@PierceAeroOne) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper In today's hypersensitive environment, a stunningly stupid analogy.

— crucker (@crucker) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper there is a person that doesn't appreciate the true cost of actions. Startling indifference to life

— Klastastic (@klastastic) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper this is sickening.

— Linda Harden (@LindaHarden) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper Casual sex usuallly doesn't leave death in its wake.and Allah to its participants…

— Gerry McAvoy (@Broncolamont) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper Plus feelings of emptiness & guilt.

— Noel Clements (@TheWidePatrol) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper So what kind of sex should we be aiming for? An orgy?

— Beston Abdulqadir (@ab_beston) September 12, 2014

@jaketapper um wow

— stephanie browne (@stephbr0wne) September 12, 2014

Video of the interview is available at CNN.





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