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Things are about to get very complicated. Last April, Marvel devastated fans with a staggering slaughter of many of the biggest MCU heroes. While Marvel and Disney have been very careful to avoid spoilers or reveal in any way how certain characters can come back following The Snap, Sony Pictures operates outside their control. Although Spider-Man 2 will be released after Endgame, the first trailer already contains spoilers. Not least the definite confirmation these three characters, whose deaths were shown on screen last year, are back and alive again.

The final scene in Infinity War showed Nick Fury and Maria Hill observing the effects of the Snap, before both also turned to dust. Not before Fury had sent that all-important pager message to Captain Marvel, of course. Yet, both characters are shown alive and well in Far From Home.

Fury appears in Peter Parker’s hotel room and gives him a new mission. Apart from making fans wonder (and worry) why Tony Stark isn’t the one to contact his charge, it immediately confirmed Marvel is bringing back many of those lost in Infinity War.

Similarly, Maria Hill is briefly shown with Fury in an action sequence.

It has already been confirmed that Far From Home takes place “a few minutes after Avengers 4 wraps as a story.”

This looks very much like Fury is moving back into prime position for Marvel Phase 4. Fans already know Captain Marvel will head up the new Avengers franchise and Fury worked closely with her before she disappeared.

Will he now be the one giving Peter his Spider-Man missions and tech?

Happy Hogan also appears, so he will clearly continue to also look after Peter (whether or not Tony Stark has, in fact, died). While the cheque signed by Pepper Potts (in the US trailer) confirms she is still head of the Stark Foundation.

As for the third dead character who is shown alive again? Well, obviously that is Peter Parker himself.

We say ‘obviously’ but we still have no clue (and the trailer is no help) how he has come back to life.

Avengers Endgame is released in UK cinemas on April 26. Spider-Man Far From Home is out on July 5.

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