You Would Think All These People Are Falling To Their Death… But WHAT? Wow.


Ahh! Someone catch that baby! Wait a second… You might have to look at this picture for quite a while before you realize just what’s going on. These families aren’t jumping and swinging off of a building in London, it’s just a clever illusion by Leandro Erlich. He had me fooled.

The Argentine artist is internationally known for his captivating, three-dimensional visual illusions.

This installation specifically was commissioned by the Barbican in Dalston.

A detailed facade of a classic Victorian terraced house lies horizontally on the ground.

Above it, there are mirrors positioned perfectly to reflect the house.

So when visitors are standing on the house displayed on the ground, it appears that they are suspended from or scaling the building vertically (when you look at the mirror).

Even if you know what’s going on here, when you look at the mirror from straight-on you’ll lose yourself to the optical illusion.

Some families get pretty creative with this fun art installation.

Talk about a fun family photo!

This piece, titled The Dalston House, was erected in Hackney just off Dalston Junction in London. It’s located on a vacant lot that has been empty since it was bombed during the Second World War. To see more of Leandro’s mind-bending work, visit his online portfolio here. This artist is a master of illusion. Even if you know what you’re seeing is a visual trick, you might just fall for it. Source: Barbican If you live in London, I think I know a good spot to take your 2014 Christmas card photo. Share his cool work with others by clicking on the button below.

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