Daily Archives: October 29, 2018

Stunning video captures rare exploding meteor

This incredible video made from a series of images captures the “once-in-a-lifetime” moment a meteor explodes and then disintegrates into the night sky...

Leicester helicopter crash: CRUCIAL data from black box discovered by air accident probe

AIR CRASH investigators have recovered crucial data from the Leicester helicopter which crashed outside the King Power Stadium this weekend. Source link

Bloated stomach remedies: This 55p vegetable can ease stomach pain, cramps and bloating

BLOATED stomach remedies: Stomach bloating is usually caused by problems digesting certain foods, but can be relieved by eating foods which aid the...

Wembley pitch: First pics of SHOCKING state ahead of Tottenham vs Man City after...

WEMBLEY pitch problems have resurfaced following three weeks of intense NFL action ahead of Tottenham vs Manchester City. Source link

ARGENTINA EARTHQUAKE: Huge 6.4 magnitude quake smashes just off Ushuaia

A MAGNITUDE 6.4 earthquake has struck off the southern tip of Argentina. Source link